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Dark Blade Falling: Everything You Need to Know About the Wild C.A.T.s Animated Series

Download Dark Blade Falling: A Guide to the Wild C.A.T.s Animated Series

If you are a fan of superhero action, science fiction, and comic book adaptations, you might want to download Dark Blade Falling, the first episode of the Wild C.A.T.s animated series. Based on the comics series of the same name by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, Wild C.A.T.s follows a team of warriors who are descendants of the heroic Kherubim race, as they battle against the evil Daemonites who seek to conquer Earth. In this article, we will give you an overview of the plot, characters, production, reception, and legacy of Dark Blade Falling, and tell you where you can download it legally and safely.

Download Dark Blade Falling

The Plot of Dark Blade Falling: How the Wild C.A.T.s Meet Warblade

Dark Blade Falling is the pilot episode of the Wild C.A.T.s series, which aired on CBS on October 1, 1994. The episode introduces us to the main characters and sets up the conflict between the Wild C.A.T.s and the Daemonites. The episode begins with a flashback to a war between the Kherubim and the Daemonites on their home planet, where we see Majestros, a powerful Kherubim warrior, fighting against Helspont, a ruthless Daemonite leader. The war ends when both sides crash-land on Earth in their spaceships, where they remain hidden for centuries.

In the present day, we meet Reno Bryce, a computer expert and martial artist who is ambushed by Daemonite agents while working on a project. He is saved by Grifter and Zealot, two members of the Wild C.A.T.s, who reveal that he is a descendant of the Kherubim and has latent abilities that can manifest as metal claws. They take him to their base at Halo Enterprises, where he meets Jacob Marlowe, the billionaire founder of Halo and leader of the Wild C.A.T.s; Void, a mysterious woman who can teleport and communicate with machines; Maul, a gentle giant who can grow in size and strength; Spartan, a synthetic humanoid who can generate energy blasts; and Voodoo, a young woman who can sense and exorcise Daemonites. They explain that they are part of a secret war against the Daemonites, who have infiltrated human society and plan to enslave humanity.

Reno is reluctant to join them and runs away, only to be captured and possessed by Helspont, who uses his body as a vessel to infiltrate Halo Enterprises. Helspont tries to access Marlowe's computer system and unleash his army of Daemonites from their spaceship. However, Reno manages to resist Helspont's control and alert his new friends. The Wild C.A.T.s arrive and fight against Helspont and his minions. Reno transforms into Warblade, his true Kherubim form, and helps them defeat Helspont. He then decides to join the Wild C.A.T.s and fight for their cause.

The Characters of Dark Blade Falling: Who are the Wild C.A.T.s and the Daemonites?

Dark Blade Falling introduces us to the main characters of the Wild C.A.T.s series, who are based on the comics series of the same name. Here is a brief description of each character and their abilities:

  • Grifter: A former soldier and mercenary who is an expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant. He wears a red mask and uses a pair of guns as his weapons.

  • Zealot: A female warrior who is a master of the Coda, an ancient martial art. She has enhanced strength, speed, agility, and healing. She uses a pair of blades as her weapons.

  • Warblade: A computer expert and martial artist who can transform his arms into metal blades. He has enhanced strength, durability, and reflexes.

  • Maul: A scientist and engineer who can increase his size and strength at will. He has enhanced intelligence and can create various gadgets.

  • Spartan: A synthetic humanoid who can generate energy blasts and shields. He has enhanced strength, durability, and flight.

  • Voodoo: A young woman who can sense and exorcise Daemonites from their hosts. She has telepathy and limited precognition.

  • Void: A mysterious woman who can teleport herself and others across time and space. She can also communicate with machines and access information from various sources.

  • Jacob Marlowe: The billionaire founder of Halo Enterprises and leader of the Wild C.A.T.s. He is a Kherubim lord who has lost most of his powers due to his injuries. He is a genius strategist and inventor.

  • Helspont: The leader of the Daemonites who seeks to conquer Earth and enslave humanity. He is a powerful telepath and telekinetic who can possess others and manipulate energy.

The Production of Dark Blade Falling: How the Wild C.A.T.s Came to Life on Screen

Dark Blade Falling was developed for television by David Wise, who was also the head writer of the series. Wise had previously worked on other animated shows such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman: The Animated Series, and Transformers. Wise said that he wanted to make the Wild C.A.T.s series more accessible to a wider audience, while still respecting the source material. He said that he tried to balance the action, humor, drama, and character development in each episode.

The series was produced by WildStorm Productions, the company founded by Jim Lee, the co-creator of the Wild C.A.T.s comics series, in association with Nelvana, a Canadian animation studio. Lee served as an executive producer and creative consultant for the series, along with Michael Hirsh and Toper Taylor from Nelvana. Lee said that he was involved in every aspect of the production, from designing the characters, backgrounds, and vehicles, to approving the scripts, storyboards, and voice actors.

The series featured a rock soundtrack, with the theme song performed by Sheree Jeacocke and Gerry Mosby. The voice cast included Rod Wilson as Spartan and Majestros; Roscoe Handford as Zealot; Colin O'Meara as Grifter; Ruth Marshall as Voodoo; Dean McDermott as Warblade; Paul Mota as Maul; Sean McCann as Jacob Marlowe; Janet-Laine Green as Void; and Maurice Dean Wint as Helspont.

The Reception of Dark Blade Falling: How Critics and Fans Reacted to the Episode

Dark Blade Falling received mixed reviews from critics and fans when it first aired on CBS in 1994. Some praised the animation quality, the voice acting, the action sequences, and the faithful adaptation of the comics series. Others criticized the episode for being too violent, too dark, too confusing, or too clichéd for a children's show. Some also complained that the episode was too rushed or too slow-paced, or that it did not explain enough about the backstory or the characters.

For example, Charles Solomon from Los Angeles Times wrote that Dark Blade Falling was \"a noisy but unexciting half-hour that borrows heavily from X-Men\". He said that \"the animation is competent but uninspired\", \"the dialogue is flat\", \"the characters are stereotypes\", \"the plot is predictable\", \"the violence is excessive\", \"the humor is nonexistent\", \"the music is loud\", \"and nothing makes much sense\".

The Legacy of Dark Blade Falling: How the Episode Influenced the Wild C.A.T.s Franchise

Dark Blade Falling was the first episode of the Wild C.A.T.s animated series, which ran for one season from October 1, 1994, to January 21, 1995. The series consisted of 13 episodes, each with a standalone story that also contributed to the overall arc of the war between the Wild C.A.T.s and the Daemonites. The series featured some guest appearances from other characters from the WildStorm universe, such as Mr. Majestic, Savant, Backlash, and Stormwatch. The series also introduced some original characters, such as Drakken, a renegade Daemonite who allies with the Wild C.A.T.s; and Gnome, a mysterious informant who provides them with valuable information.

The series was canceled after one season due to low ratings and creative differences between CBS and WildStorm Productions. However, the series was later picked up by USA Network and aired as part of the USA Action Extreme Team block from 1995 to 1996. The series gained a cult following among fans of the comics series and the genre. The series was also released on VHS and DVD in various regions.

The series had a significant impact on the Wild C.A.T.s franchise and the WildStorm universe. The series helped to popularize the comics series and attract new readers. The series also influenced some of the stories and developments in the comics series, such as Warblade's origin, Void's appearance, Helspont's motives, and Spartan's identity. The series also inspired some spin-offs and crossovers, such as Grifter and Midnighter, a comic book miniseries that paired Grifter from Wild C.A.T.s with Midnighter from The Authority; and Wildcats/X-Men: The Silver Age, a comic book one-shot that featured a crossover between the Wild C.A.T.s and the X-Men.

Conclusion: Where to Download Dark Blade Falling and What to Expect Next

Dark Blade Falling is a thrilling and entertaining episode that introduces us to the world of the Wild C.A.T.s, a team of superheroes who are descendants of an ancient alien race. The episode showcases their origins, personalities, abilities, and enemies in an action-packed and engaging story. The episode also sets up the premise and tone of the Wild C.A.T.s animated series, which is based on the comics series of the same name by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi.

If you want to download Dark Blade Falling and watch it for yourself, you can find it on various online platforms that offer legal and safe downloads. Some of these platforms are Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube Movies & TV, Vudu, Microsoft Store, FandangoNOW, and Hoopla. You can also buy or rent the DVD or VHS versions of the episode from online or physical stores.

If you enjoy Dark Blade Falling and want to watch more episodes of the Wild C.A.T.s animated series, you can find them on the same platforms mentioned above. You can also read more about the Wild C.A.T.s comics series and other related media on their official website or on various fan sites and forums. You can also look forward to some new projects involving the Wild C.A.T.s in the near future, such as a live-action movie adaptation that is currently in development by Warner Bros.


  • Q: What does Wild C.A.T.s stand for?

  • A: Wild C.A.T.s stands for Covert Action Teams, which is the name of the group of superheroes who fight against the Daemonites.

  • Q: Who created the Wild C.A.T.s comics series?

  • A: The Wild C.A.T.s comics series was created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi in 1992 as part of Image Comics.

  • Q: How many seasons and episodes are there in the Wild C.A.T.s animated series?