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Watch GossipGirl S02E05

Gossip Girl is available to watch on the HBO channel and HBO Max. For those watching internationally, Gossip Girl has not been announced just yet, however much like previous seasons it should show up on BBC iPlayer months after the US stream has finished airing on HBO.

Watch GossipGirl S02E05

At Constance, Chuck stops Blair on her way into school and offers his help in making sure Serena doesn't become the new queen. Blair is unamused and declines his offer, saying her crown isn't in jeopardy and that her VIP access to fashion week is exactly what she needs to secure her place on top. She then surprises Penelope, Hazel, Isabel, and Nelly with the tickets to Eleanor's show. However, the excitement is short lived due to Hazel noticing that Serena and Poppy are featured in Women's Wear Daily. Serena arrives at that moment and is bombarded by everyone asking about Poppy. Annoyed, Blair leaves and tells Serena she's going to leave her to her fans. On her way out, she runs into Chuck, who baits her by saying watching her fail makes him happy. She retorts that he makes everyone miserable and everyone dislikes him because he isn't even human. Elsewhere, Dan meets with Noah Shapiro, who informs him that all of his stories are boring and one and the same. He encourages him to get out of his comfort zone and do something different with his life to get good material. At Waldorf Designs, Eleanor is panicking over preparations for the show and begins to increase Jenny's workload. Laurel approaches and tells Eleanor that the seating chart is weak and everyone who matters isn't expected to be there. Jenny overhears the conversation, then notices Serena's photo in WWD. She shows the paper to Eleanor and suggests that she might be able to help, with her new socialite friends.

Meanwhile, after reading the story, Chuck tells Dan that he knows what he did and that he needs to watch his back. He also lies that the story he told him was a lie and that his mother died in a plane crash in the Andes when he was six. Back at the show, Eleanor accuses Jenny of sabotaging the show on purpose. She threatens to expose what she did to ruin her future but is interrupted by Laurel, who says that Andre Leon Talley loved the finale dress. Blair overhears and comes over. They all encourage Eleanor to take credit for the dress and to take her walk. Blair backs Jenny up and then smiles at her as Eleanor goes out to the runway. Jenny is then approached by the woman from earlier and is told that a man is claiming to be her father and trying to get in. Jenny lies that her father is out of town and there must be a mistake. Meanwhile, Noah Shapiro bails Dan out of jail and Dan tells him about Chuck's secret. However, Dan confesses that he doesn't want to exploit people to be a good writer and disappointed, Noah retorts that Jeremiah Harris was right to cut Dan loose. He leaves and Dan goes home. Back at the show, Eleanor gives Jenny a toast for saving the show; which Blair seconds. But out of the corner of her eye, Jenny sees Rufus watching the whole thing. Blair then goes to try and talk to Serena, but Serena isn't interested in hearing it. She blows her off and says she is no longer going to bend over backwards to protect Blair's feelings. Elsewhere, Jenny tells Rufus that he can't make her give up her job with Eleanor. Rufus tells her that he doesn't want his kids giving up their future to chase a passion that may or may not take off and she has to go to school. Jenny replies that school isn't the path she wants and that she told Headmistress Queller that she isn't returning to Constance. At the VDW's, Chuck rereads the story Dan wrote and Bart helps Lily put on her new necklace. At the loft, Dan works on a new story that doesn't exploit anyone and Jenny sits satisfied with her dress. Outside the fashion show venue, Blair watches jealously as Serena and Poppy are photographed by paparazzi.

Reminder: Sharing links to the episode on Torrent/non HBOMax is against the sub's rules. Please do not share or ask for any links to watch the episode illegally. We know it's frustrating not being able to watch the show if you don't have HBOMax but this is what the sub's rules are and it's also designed to be that way so Reddit doesn't ban us if we're reported.

Blair designs a seating plan for Eleanor's fashion show and attempts to get back in favor with the girls at school by presenting them with front row tickets. However, the girls' attention is soon drawn to the society pages, which detail Serena's new friendship with society girl Poppy Lifton. Jenny suggests to Eleanor that they improve the guest list by getting Serena to invite Poppy and her friends. When Blair finds the seating plan changed, she sees it as a personal insult from Jenny and Serena, who normally watches the show backstage with her. (In fact, Jenny did not know Blair did the plan and Lily accepted Eleanor's offer without telling Serena.) Blair realizes Jenny has been playing truant to work for Eleanor and tells Rufus, who drags Jenny home from the atelier. Poppy suggests Serena placate Blair by inviting her to an after party, but when Serena goes to see Blair they end up arguing and Serena decides to go to the fashion show anyway.

Want to watch along? You can find MIOBI on Hulu and the Freeform app, all you have to have is a subscription/cable login. You can also buy the DVDs or purchase seasons or single episodes on various platforms, like iTunes. Join us in the cheesiness and the early 2010s TV gymnastics by using the hashtag #MakeItOrBreakItDown on Twitter as you watch.

You might see a couple of extra old faces from the original Gossip Girl this next season too so read on to find out when you'll see me back, how you'll be able to watch me and what you can expect to happen.

The teaser released in June - which you can watch a little further down - showed what appears to be Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) clapping in a theatre with the video saying "It only takes one spark... to start a fire", before continuing "And I have a feeling this city is about to burn."

While we don't know exactly what season 2 of the Gossip Girl reboot will focus on, there will be plenty of drama based on the official trailer - which you can watch below. Things look like they will really heat up and there are also plenty of open storylines from season 1. 041b061a72

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