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All South Movie in Hindi List: A Guide for Bollywood Fans

All South Movie in Hindi List: A Guide for Bollywood Fans

If you are a Bollywood fan who loves watching Hindi movies, you might be missing out on some amazing films from the south Indian film industry. South Indian cinema refers to the four major film industries in south India that produce movies in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam languages. These movies are often dubbed in Hindi for the wider audience across India and abroad.

all south movie in hindi list

Why watch south movies in Hindi? There are many reasons to explore this rich and diverse cinema that offers something for everyone. Here are some of them:

  • South movies are known for their high-quality production values, stunning visuals, spectacular action sequences, and innovative storytelling.

  • South movies feature some of the most talented and popular actors, actresses, directors, and technicians in Indian cinema.

  • South movies cover a wide range of genres, from comedy and romance to drama and mystery to fantasy and horror.

  • South movies have won many national and international awards and accolades, such as the National Film Awards, Filmfare Awards South, Cannes Film Festival, Academy Awards, etc.

  • South movies have influenced and inspired many Bollywood movies and filmmakers.

In this article, we will give you a brief history of south Indian cinema and its dubbing in Hindi, a list of some of the best south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi that you must watch, and a guide on how to watch them online.

The History of South Indian Cinema and Its Dubbing in Hindi

South Indian cinema has a long and rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. The first south Indian film with a plot was Don Juan Tenorio (1898), made by Salvador Toscano Barragán in Madras (present-day Chennai). During the silent era, many filmmakers experimented with different themes and techniques. Some of the pioneers of south Indian cinema were R. Nataraja Mudaliar, J. C. Daniel, Y. V. Rao, etc.

With the advent of sound films in the 1930s, south Indian cinema entered a new phase of growth and development. The first talkie film in each of the four languages was Bhakta Prahlada (1931) in Telugu, Kalidas (1931) in Tamil, Sati Sulochana (1934) in Kannada, and Balan (1938) in Malayalam. Sound films also created a linguistic barrier for the export of Hollywood films to south India, giving an opportunity for local filmmakers to cater to their regional audiences.

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