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Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 97 Download

v11.2 18.08.2022-----+Changed Larry's quest reward early access weapon into an Anaconda.+Added Nosferatu net lines to clinic guard and fixed quest answer.+Changed access to shortcuts through warrens and Hallowbrook Hotel.+Swapped Mr. Ox's quest rewards and added taxi to Leopold Society.+Fixed talking to missing Gimble and restored gong sound to temple.+Improved Dragon's Breath particles and raised rifle damage a bit.+Removed autofill of temple boxes and fixed several container lids.+Restored Chinatown moon and added second trigger to Society talk.+Updated free view weapons to the latest weapon stat modifications.+Made Wong Ho always get up and Gary take the warrens key as well.+Restored Beckett scenes at warehouse and Kiki in Ramen Shop event.+Fixed Grout's wife spin and reverted weapon change in Blood Hunt.+Improved Yukie AI at temple and poster updates of Nosferatu haven.+Moved taxi at Grout's Mansion and fixed Nines' camera view there.+Added safe status to Skyeline Security PC to explain guard action.+Removed XP for siding with Sabbat and changed Yukie portal sound.+Restored Nadia's sitting in chair and pointing to left animations.+Fixed tutorial guard repeat and leaving the gallery during fight.Improved warrens spiderchick trigger and showed Mercurio on beach.Reverted talking to Nadia and Christopher without guessing names.Fixed clipping tie and Flynn's stick out ponytail, thanks Norrwin.Corrected Wong Ho's news not appearing if you didn't talk to him.Fixed Imalia and Mitnick camera and Blood Hunt vanishing vampires.Reverted eye colours and comfort reaction changes in basic patch.Hid dead scrubs blinking and fixed warehouse and downtown physics.Fixed Ash being blind and deaf and erased Mr. Ox's name from log.Reverted Blood Boil and back impact to leave decal blood spatters.Fixed Dane cop walkie-talkie animation and permanent metro sound.Added fire damage to Hallowbrook barrels and fixed several others.Fixed Last Round bar conversation and flying Venture Tower Chunk.Repaired mirrored cardboard texture and timings of a few speakers.Fixed remote exploding crates inside the Society of Leopold cave.Corrected loading tips typo and minor text, dialogue and map bugs.Fixed tutorial Humanity problem and Heather and chambers cameras.Corrected security panel to not always show views from the museum.Fixed SM clinic not solid railings and made vent easier to enter.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 97 Download

Players are penalized for using certain vampiric abilities in front of witnesses; exposing their existence loses masquerade points, although additional masquerade points can be earned from quests and other actions. Violating the masquerade five times draws the ire of vampire hunters and loses the game.[5][15] The player has humanity points, representing the vampire's humanity. Some actions cost humanity points; a low humanity score alters available dialog options to become more aggressive and increases the chance of entering a frenzied state and embarking on a killing spree when the vampire's blood is low. A large amount of damage can also trigger this frenzy. Like masquerade points, losing all humanity points ends the game, with the vampire becoming a mindless beast.[5][17] Some areas, known as Elysium, prevent the use of Disciplines or weapons.[20] Players can recruit a ghoul, Heather, as a customizable servant who gives them blood, gifts, and money.[22]

The game's fans have created unofficial patches to address Bloodlines' technical problems and restore missing and incomplete content.[27][73][74][75] After experiencing problems with the first versions of an unofficial patch created by Dan Upright, analytical chemist Werner Spahl continued patching the game from version 1.2 with permission and instructions. The game community tested Spahl's patches, providing reports on bugs and spelling errors. Although the game's complexity meant that repairing one aspect often broke another, as work on the patches progressed, Spahl began restoring removed and incomplete content in the game files, adding quests, items, weapons, and characters, with fan help to provide voice acting, models, and reinstating whole levels.[27] Spahl contacted former Troika staff for insight into their intentions for cut content. A library area, for example, was restored after Mitsoda told Spahl only that "it was somehow connected to a main character and a Sabbat boss, and was meant to look like the real-world [Los Angeles] library." A fan traveled to the real library to gather notes on its layout and co-developed the in-game area with Spahl. Schaffer also provided Spahl with unreleased scores from the game.[76] The changes altered the original game so much that some of the game's fans criticized Spahl. This resulted in two patch versions: a basic version, fixing the game's technical issues, and a "plus" version with the additional content. As of 2019, the game has over 15 years of post-release support. The patches are also included in the game version sold on the distribution service.[27][77][78]

Boyarsky voiced his support for unofficial patches, saying, "they've found the stuff that we hoped people would find about the game, in terms of the different paths you can take and how it played differently for every class." Boyarsky said that while he would have preferred that the game was more successful at launch, that people were still playing and modifying it made Troika's efforts feel more "worthwhile".[52] Schaffer released a remastered version of his score through Milan Records in October 2019, including eight previously unreleased tracks. The score could be purchased on compact disc, digital download, and a blood-red vinyl record version with a marbled, black smoke effect housed in a custom sleeve.[79]

Here too are the links to the Vampire: The Masquerade unofficial patch (opens in new tab) and a much-improved open-source version of Arx Fatalis (opens in new tab), which contain years worth of bug fixes and technical improvements that modernise their respective games.

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