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Where To Buy Cheap Lego Online \/\/FREE\\\\

K-Mart, Big W and Target all stock large ranges of LEGO in store, with some of their range also available to purchase online. Department stores regularly have sales on their toys, but they can also offer cheaper non-sale prices than most other retailers.

where to buy cheap lego online

When retailers offer LEGO at a cheaper price than the LEGO Company itself, they are cutting into their own profits. They may do this for many of the reasons posted in previous replies to this thread. We have to remember, as members of Eurobricks and fans of LEGO, we are full aware of how expensive this hobby can be. The average consumer or parent buying LEGOs for their kids are not aware of how often sales come around or what's a good price in LEGO. It makes me cringe whenever I see young kids with their parents/grandparents shopping at TRU for LEGO. From time to time I'll tell them where they can get sets for cheaper but I've been told things like "mind your own business". I rarely say things during the year but I speak up a lot more during the holidays because people tend to appreciate being told where to find things that time of the year.

The answer is not so simple. On the one hand, there is some evidence that certain LEGO sets are cheaper if purchased in Denmark than elsewhere. In fact, according to some sources, Denmark is on average the cheapest place in Europe to purchase LEGOs and the second cheapest anywhere in the world. [2] 041b061a72


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