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Kaspersky Reset Trial V5.1.0.41 Final - [SH] Everything You Need to Know About It

many of the updates on its build on, say, a video card driver. best guess is either a crash in the driver or some incompatibility between the new and old versions of driver software or hardware. in any case it is one of the critical systems that windows users must install from an image, so i rarely let my self be distracted by it. closing the program and waiting for updates also completes the download process, though this is usually over in a couple of seconds. installations were very straightforward, although they carried on for some time at least in the case of the internet security suite. for av there was an installer, which i think was partly an attempt to ease the installation for those who have not used it before.

Kaspersky Reset Trial V5.1.0.41 Final - [SH] Downloadl

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the installation process runs fine, and within a minute, a large, scrollable interface is displayed, with all the usual goodies in the top section, including the guide, common tasks, key setting, network options and privacy setting. there are only a couple of options of interest to most users, the first being a trial period, which allows users to test a single product for 14 days before deciding to buy. by pressing an i agree button and selecting continue, users have a mere two-step process to go through before being given a new user account and internet connection, complete with set of standard usernames, passwords, and other settings. however, despite being in the main page, the top section does not have any advanced options.

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