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Armalite AR-10: A Legendary Rifle and How to Date It by Serial Number

If you are looking for the serial number on the lower receiver of your firearm, there are two methods to do this. The first is by printing out a list of serial numbers off the Internet. These lists usually include only the manufacturers who use the current models lower receiver. The second is by visiting the manufacturers website and entering the serial number.

armalite ar 10 serial number date

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Since serial number is not shown on the lower receiver, it is difficult to determine if its a Springfield Armory AR or the version from the company like Colt, Ruger, H&K, etc. All the parts that will need to be removed, and the production date of the parts, are needed to make a final determination. A test fire or qualification test that determines the gun is functioning properly and that all parts were made to the same specifications of the original parts will need to be conducted if you plan on selling the firearm. Every lower receiver will have its own serial number on it. The seller will not be able to determine what type of lower receiver a firearm has.

People often do not realize that the serial number is not always on the lower receiver. The serial number is usually located on the gas block. If you wish to upgrade to a new barrel, the serial number will need to be changed on the gas block. The serial number of the barrel will be the same as the lower receiver. If you need to have the barrel changed, you will need the original serial number of the barrel for that. The gas block is usually installed after the barrel is already installed so the serial number is the original numbers.

Bloody hell, I didn't even think about that.....jeez. I feel silly now; it's a new gun but yeah, someone might have upgraded it. Will advise once Armalite weighs in. Fwiw, it looks exactly like the new 'tactical' series. I wonder if I have a hybrid where they were using up some old parts. Gonna shoot it this week, that's what counts!

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