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Agen Vs Vannes - Video 1

The major advertising agency holding groups denied wrongdoing and criticized the methodology of the report shortly after it was released, arguing that the anonymous nature of the interviews conducted and the fact that it named no individual bad actors or agencies had the potential to damage the reputation of the entire industry.

Agen vs Vannes - Video 1

Regardless, the report, which advised marketers to take a closer look at their agency relationships and contracts, sparked a wave of big-name marketers commissioning third-party auditing companies to examine their media-buying agencies.

When companies appoint auditors to look at their media agency relationships, they are looking for reassurance that they are getting what they paid for when it comes to their advertising spend and that the agency has been compliant with their contract. Sometimes, audits result in overpayments being returned to the company, or contracts being renegotiated.

In the majority of these cases, the contracts between the media agency and client have then been redrawn, with more specific wording around the type of media the marketer agrees can be bought in a non-transparent way.

A settlement also prevents ruining a relationship by taking the matter to court to force the agency to disclose all their contracts. Litigation is costly and distracting, and could run the risk of exposing the marketer as not being fully aware of how their company's budget was being spent under their watch. It is the marketer's responsibility to ensure their company is getting the most value for money from its advertising spend.

"Integrity and trust continue to be cornerstones of how we approach relationships with our clients. We continue to comply on client audits as standard agency-client operating procedure, including any audits that have commenced since the ANA practices were announced. We have approached them with deep collaboration with our clients and these audits have resulted satisfactorily with positive conclusion. There has been neither need nor instance of non-disclosure settlements as part of an audit or client discussion."

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