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[S4E2] Short Cuts !!TOP!!

Tyrion Lannister receives disastrous news from Varys: Cersei has learned of his relationship with Shae, and Varys will not cover for him. When Shae goes to Tyrion's chamber later that day, he is clear: She must leave. He has prepared passage for her to Pentos. Shae rejects the idea, but Tyrion cuts her short: "You're a whore." He maintains that he doesn't love her and that their time together is over. She flees in tears. Later that day, Bronn assures Tyrion that Shae boarded the ship.

[S4E2] Short Cuts

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Once the show is completed, Joffrey suggests Tyrion join the fray. When his uncle snubs the offer and retaliates with a reference to the Battle of the Blackwater, Joffrey retaliates by pouring a glass of wine on Tyrion. He demands Tyrion serve as his cupbearer and sends him scrambling under the table for a goblet. The tension is broken when Margaery draws attention to the next course, a giant pigeon pie. Joffrey cuts through the crust, releasing live birds inside. The pie is distributed to the crowd and Joffrey digs in, and washes it down with wine. He begins to cough violently, and falls to the ground.

Heeding Polly's advice, Thomas meets with Aberama in the stables. Questioning his price for the alliance, Aberama reveals that he wants Tommy to take a chance on his son and help him reach his ambition. Tommy questions his ambition, but the scene cuts before we find out more.

Tommy cuts the meeting short with Aberama and Bonnie as he is confronted by Jessie Eden over workers' pay. She warns him that revolution is in the air, but when Tommy doesn't relent, she calls his bluff. As the situation plays out, Thomas Shelby's factory manager tells him he has one more meeting with a mysterious businessman from Paris. Tommy recognises the man as Luca Changretta instantly. Questioning where Luca has come from, he understands that he has not come directly from France, so must be residing in Birmingham somewhere. Tommy pulls a gun on Luca, who reveals that he had previously sent someone into his office to unload his gun. Luca pulls bullets from his pocket labelled with Arthur, Polly and Michael, Ada and Tommy's name's on. He flicks a bullet with John's name, sarcastically remarking that it has already been spent.

The actor, director and producer Jodie Foster directed Black Mirror; previous credits included episodes of the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards.[7] Foster was introduced to Black Mirror by Netflix's vice president of original content after telling her that she enjoyed directing short but complete stories, in contrast to serialised television programmes.[9] Brooker saw Foster as suited to "Arkangel" because as a former child actor, she would understand what it was like to grow up in the spotlight.[7][10] Foster was raised by a single mother, and said that the script brought up "so many questions about who we are as women at this particular time in history".[8] She was the first woman to direct a Black Mirror episode.[11]

As intended by Foster, critics saw the episode as being set in working-class America.[8] The Atlantic's Sophie Gilbert found it "set in a nondescript EveryTown USA" and "deliberately muted".[21] Steve O'Brien of Digital Spy saw it as more "thrillingly, authentically American" than any prior episode.[22] Louisa Mellor of Den of Geek found that the blue-collar setting contrasts with most previous episodes' depictions of "shiny near-futures, in chic, modernist homes". She also highlighted the episode as the most female-heavy with regard to characters to that point.[23] Paste's Jacob Oller commented that the camera shows multiple perspectives throughout the episode: first-person, third-person and first-person from another person's perspective. Oller saw this as giving the episode a horror feel, heightened by the "long-short-long editing" pattern of "tension, release, rebuild".[24] Caroline Framke of Vox saw Foster's directing as "generally stark and matter-of-fact", though a handheld camera is used when characters are in "a particular state of panic" so that the framing shows "their confused and rapidly fracturing relationship to each other and the world around them".[25] Christopher Hooton of The Independent compared the injured Marie yelling on the street to a similar performance by Anna Gunn as Skyler White in the crime drama Breaking Bad.[26]

It starts out with a strange man named Cuber who greets the audience. He wants the audience to guess the "theme" in a series of five shorts from the "days of old" as they are all connected in some way. He then takes out his holo-pyramid, which has pictures of Finn, Jake, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, and Lumpy Space Princess. The shorts begin.

For accomplishing this, they try to high-five each other, but fail miserably, missing the first time and hardly hitting the second and third time. They are disappointed by their performance and they attempt a high-five again, but this time with a running start. They succeed, but they feel they can do better and back up even further for an even greater high-five. After accomplishing this achievement, Finn says he knows how he and Jake can do the "most ultimate high-five ever," and Jake says "You've gone crazy mad with power lust, and I'm loving it." There is a scene change and Finn is seen on a catapult talking through a walkie-talkie to Jake who is in the Desert of Doom using an unknown skeleton and his stretchy powers to catapult himself, Finn then exclaims "SUPER ULTIMATE HIGH FIVE GO!" and they are thrust towards each other. The scene changes and the graybles "Smell" and "Taste" are shown afterwards. In both shorts, Finn and Jake are seen flying past at high speeds. Finn and Jake both reappear in the fifth short story, "Sound."

Princess Bubblegum is shown working hard to create a sandwich for Cinnamon Bun. She makes the cheese by spinning a cow around on a centrifuge. She then creates the lettuce by growing and shrinking a small piece of lettuce to the perfect size with chemicals. The tomato is made by combining a jellyfish and a balloon in a transportation machine. She chants odd spells to make the loaf of bread. After doing all this she cuts up the ingredients and combines them in a unique way into what she presents to Cinnamon Bun as "the most ultimate sandwich that ever existed and ever will exist." To her horror, Cinnamon Bun places the sandwich directly in his stomach without tasting it; he then regurgitates most of it out onto her face and the floor. Cinnamon Bun then thanks Princess Bubblegum for the sandwich. Behind a window, Finn is seen flying through the air, screaming, as the scene ends.

In the next scene, the Ice King searches through his fortress for the source of a stench. He finds Gunter and accuses him of "blowing up the place" with his "nasty booty." The Ice King tells the penguin not to worry because he will solve the problem. He then places Gunter on a sheet of ice and sends it to sea claiming that he will never succeed in acquiring a princess so long as Gunter is "stankin' up the place." However, upon returning to his cave, the Ice King discovers that it still smells. With Gunter out of the picture, the Ice King quickly realizes his armpits are the source of the terrible stench. The scene then cuts to a penguin turning the shower knob, and we see the Ice King standing in the shower with his arms raised and a penguin hanging from each, both furiously scrubbing his armpits as he orders them to scrub harder. After the shower, the Ice King discards the penguins that were washing him in a pile of garbage by the trash cans in front of his fortress. He then turns to find that Gunter has returned, and he is soaking wet. The Ice King cheerfully tells Gunter of his discovery that his armpits were the source of the stench, and then he apologizes as he carries the penguin inside. The Ice King observes aloud that he has no idea how his armpits got so stinky, immediately after which Gunter squeezes under Ice King's arm and farts without the Ice King even noticing, revealing Gunter to be the true source of the smell after all. After this happens, Jake flies by the window, and then the scene changes.

Living World Season 4, also called Rise of Kralkatorrik,[1] is the fourth season of the Living World, accessible to players who own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. It began on the 28th of November, 2017 with Daybreak. It is a direct continuation the story of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, picking up shortly after where the story instance Small Victory (Epilogue) left off.

Soon after Balthazar's defeat and the celebratory party afterwards, the Commander met up with Taimi and Rytlock at a small dolyak ranch a short distance away from Amnoon. After "borrowing" some of Joko's Awakened army to fight Balthazar, the Commander has tried to stay away from Elonian cities. Marjory and Kasmeer had gone off to monitor Kralkatorrik's actions, but he had just been sitting on a mountain cliff since his battle with the fallen god. However, the conversation is cut short as a Brandstorm erupts over Amnoon, despite Kralkatorrik's absence. Rytlock and the Commander rush towards Amnoon to help as many of its citizens as they can and slay as many Branded as they could. They were too late to save several citizens, including Deputy Qais. After the Brandstorm passed, Aurene - now an adolescent dragon - landed and gave the assembled allies a vision of a far away city and a huge army of Awakened. Agent Kito pointed out that the city seemed to be Fahranur, the First City, which was located in Istan. The Commander headed to the docks and boarded a ship to sail to the southern isle.

Sunspear recruits help the Commander and Zaeim escape the compound and head to the First City, with Rytlock and Canach joining shortly afterwards. The ancient city had lots of hazards, from the wildlife to Awakened soldiers and even old traps to prove as trials. Some of these pitfalls are surpassed with the aid of their mounts, and even Branded minions fighting the Awakened help the small party reach their destination. After a while, they find several asura corpses, all dressed in Inquest garb; it seems they had made a lab somewhere in Fahranur, despite the belief that all asura had been chased out ages ago. As soon as Canach tried to set an explosive to get past a bone wall, the Inquest corpses rose up, turned into Awakened servents, soon followed by a large Awakened Canid. After a lengthy battle, Canach's explosives go off, but it set off an avalanche. Luckily, the Commander and friends were shielded by Braham. He and Rox had been investigating the waves of undead that have started to attack Tyria, coming through asura gate portals with no gate on the other side. 041b061a72

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