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Windows 8.1 8 7 Vista KMS Activator Ultimate 2014 V1.7 UPDATED

Hello Guys I Just want you guys to know that I am new at this. I have been trying to activate my copy of windows 8.1 for a long time now. The reason I am telling you guys that I am new is because I have been trying to activate windows 8.1 for a long time (That is why I have not been online lately) and all I seem to be getting is ERRORs. So I am looking for a way to do this with a legit activator that works. Please guys, I do not have a good moral character. I am new at all this. So if you could help me out, I would really appreciate it. thank you. and have a wonderful day.

Windows 8.1 8 7 Vista KMS Activator Ultimate 2014 v1.7

Hey guys I just updated to windows 8.1. But I forgot my key and my laptop is set to auto-activate. I don't remember my key I have been looking everywhere and it's not listed anywhere. I have tried different activators but I still get the error 0x80070005. I would like to have this activator because it is the simplest one that I've found. Please help me with this problem, and have a good day!

I am having an issue where I cannot activate windows 8.1. I have tried a couple activators and they don't work for me. But the one I am trying now is the most simple and easy to use, but it says my activation key is invalid. I've tried everything. Every site, support forum, and youtube channels state that I have a right activator, but they just all say error 0x80070005. I have tried it on multiple different computers and it won't work on any of them. I have tried the activators on this computer, and a different Windows 8.1 computer, and both of them are not working at all. but if you would please help me that would be great. Thank you! Have a good day!

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