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Albert Fomichev

Rivals [WORK]

At the same time, Lincoln was facing a Republican Party that was very young and whose members had come from a variety of other parties. They were former Whigs, former Democrats. By putting his rivals in his cabinet, he had access to a wide range of opinions, which he realized would sharpen his own thinking. It also gave him a way of keeping all those conflicting opinions together. If he didn't have a unified group fighting against the South, the fight would be impossible to sustain. So having all those opinions in his cabinet not only helped him; it helped the country as well.


And another was into the nature of his ambition, which was different from that of his rivals. Chase, for example, simply wanted position and power. He wanted to be President for the sake of being President; he needed that office to feel complete. Lincoln's ambition was both larger and more interesting. He wanted to accomplish something that would stand the test of time. 041b061a72


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