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Tv Star T1030 Firmware 16: Tips and Tricks for Downloading and Installing

The firmware files are very zipped, so even if your SA2i is in App mode and you are using a desktop computer to update it, it's not a bad idea to unzip them first. Download the appropriate firmware download from here:

Tv Star T1030 Firmware 16


If you want to replace the config.txt file with one from a different firmware version, you first need to convert it from bytes to ascii, copy it over with an hex editor and delete the byte data. Then zip the file, rename the file and upload. It's worth reading what's in the file to see how it might be different to the one you want to update. I've tested the UI in the config.txt file between F1-10 (so you can use F11 as your firmware) and have found no change, but it might not work, I'm working on a program to auto-generate a config.txt.

To flash the firmware from the Windows app, all you need is the Download Firmware file, the app, and a computer. Download the Firmware file for your firmware, open the downloaded file in the app and select the option to Load Firmware, then select the firmware file. It should flash and the screen will show a white screen with a button at the bottom, it'll turn green if it flashed successfully.

To use the Auto Firmware Update that JonnyC posted, use the same steps (if using USB rather than WiFi) and replace the firmware file with a copy of the file and choose the correct firmware version. When the magic green button shows up, select it and it should auto-flash it, if not then it should pop up a window on the phone to select the firmware version. Select that then it'll flash the new firmware.

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