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How to Watch Naathh Ek Pratha 2 Full Movie in HD 720p on Your Device

Naathh Ek Pratha 2 Full Movie Hd 720p: A Review

If you are looking for a thrilling and captivating movie to watch, you might want to check out Naathh Ek Pratha 2, a sequel to the 2015 film Naathh Ek Pratha. This movie is a Bengali drama that explores the social evils of child marriage, dowry, and domestic violence in rural India. In this article, we will review the movie in detail, covering its plot, characters, themes, technical aspects, and critical reception. We will also provide you with some FAQs and a rating to help you decide whether to watch it or not.

Naathh Ek Pratha 2 Full Movie Hd 720p


What is Naathh Ek Pratha 2?

Naathh Ek Pratha 2 is a Bengali movie that was released in 2020. It is directed by Rajesh Kumar Singh and produced by Ramesh Kumar Singh. It stars Rishi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. The movie is a sequel to the 2015 film Naathh Ek Pratha, which was based on a true story of a village in Bihar where young girls were forced to marry older men as part of a tradition called naath pratha. The sequel continues the story of the protagonist, Rani (played by Anushka Sharma), who escapes from her abusive husband and fights for her rights and dignity.

Why should you watch Naathh Ek Pratha 2?

Naathh Ek Pratha 2 is a movie that will keep you hooked from the start to the end. It has a gripping plot that exposes the harsh realities of rural India and the plight of women who are oppressed by patriarchal norms. It also has a powerful message that inspires courage, resilience, and empowerment. The movie showcases the brilliant performances of the cast, especially Anushka Sharma, who delivers a stunning portrayal of Rani. The movie also has some amazing cinematography, music, and editing that enhance the mood and atmosphere of the film. If you are looking for a movie that will make you think, feel, and act, Naathh Ek Pratha 2 is the one for you.

Plot summary

The story of Naathh Ek Pratha 2

The movie begins with a flashback of how Rani was married off to an old man named Ram (played by Rishi Kapoor) when she was just 12 years old. She was subjected to physical and mental torture by her husband and his family, who demanded more dowry from her parents. She also had to endure the humiliation of being called naathni (a woman who wears a nose ring as a symbol of her marriage). One day, she managed to escape from her hellish life with the help of a social worker named Rekha (played by Shabana Azmi).

The movie then shifts to the present day, where Rani is living in Kolkata with Rek b70169992d

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