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Big Rig Racing: Everything You Need to Know About the Sport of Kings

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is a 2003 racing video game developed by Stellar Stone and published by GameMill Publishing. The player controls a semi-trailer truck (a "big rig") and races a stationary opponent through checkpoints on US truck routes. Stellar Stone, based in California, outsourced the game's development to Ukraine, and the game was released on November 20, 2003. Due to a multitude of bugs and lack of proper gameplay, Big Rigs was critically panned, became the worst-rated game on review aggregator websites Metacritic and GameRankings, and has been frequently cited as one of the worst video games of all time by gaming publications. The game has also attracted a cult following since its release.

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is a racing video game.[2][3] Although the game's packaging states the objective as racing over US truck routes to be the first to deliver cargo and avoid arrest by the police, the game features no law enforcement. The player chooses from four playable semi-trailer trucks ("big rigs") and five truck routes, although selecting the fourth route will cause the game to crash. Once selected, the player navigates their truck through checkpoints using the arrow keys. Driving in reverse allows the truck to accelerate indefinitely, while releasing the associated key will instantly halt it.[2][4]

big rig racing


Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing received "overwhelming dislike", according to the review aggregator website Metacritic.[11] Based on five critic reviews, the site calculated a weighted average rating of 8/100, its lowest ever.[2][11] The game also stood as the all-time worst game on GameRankings.[12] Big Rigs has been cited as one of the worst video games of all time by GameSpot (2004),[13] PC Gamer (2010 and 2019),[14][15] Kotaku (2012 and 2015),[16][17] Computer and Video Games (2013),[18] Hardcore Gamer (2014),[19] The Guardian (2015),[20] and GamesRadar+ (2017).[21] On X-Play's March 2004 "Games You Should Never Buy" segment, co-host Morgan Webb described Big Rigs as "the worst game ever made" and refused to score it, as the program's rating system did not allow for a zero score.[22][23] Steve Haske of GameZone regarded it as the "most abysmal" racing game in 2011.[3]

Jason Schreier, writing for Kotaku in 2012, opined that the humorous video accompanying Navarro's Big Rigs review "immortalized" the game.[16] A satirical review on Angry Video Game Nerd significantly contributed to the game's popularity.[26] Big Rigs has attracted a cult following, with forming a dedicated fansite.[2] David Houghton of GamesRadar attributed the game's notoriety to its bugs, saying that, otherwise, "Big Rigs would simply be an unremarkable, long-forgotten racing also-ran, rather than the festival of hilarity it currently stands as".[27] Titov went on to work for Riot Games on League of Legends before releasing The War Z in December 2012.[16] In September 2008, he stated that he was still in possession of the source code for both Big Rigs and Eternity, but could not release the former because the game was still owned by Stellar Stone and GameMill.[7]

For those of you who are interested in streaming the 2023 Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge, please access the subscription link below. We are so excited for our new partnership with FLO racing. They will be live at the event Saturday May 27th & Sunday May 28th.

"I was the only Semi-Pro up front, so I had to kind of let these guys race it out for the win," Stewart said. "It was fun racing with them the past couple of days, and it was a really competitive race. I hope to see them again at nationals."

In theory, Big Rigs is supposed to be a racing game based on big trucks that speed through various US trucking routes in some kind of effort to deliver cargo before the competition gets there first--or else the truck gets busted by the law. At least, this is what the back of the game's box would have you believe. Let us make it very clear that these statements are all horrible, horrible lies. There is no coherent goal in Big Rigs. There is no cargo to be delivered. There are no police chases. In fact, there really isn't anything much in the game.

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The basic idea in the actual game is that you pick one from four vaguely different trucks and then one from five vaguely different levels. You then compete against another truck in a simple checkpoint race. That's it. However, Big Rigs can't even get this basic concept right. The supposedly computer-controlled truck you're supposed to be racing against in the game never actually moves. It's right there next to you at the beginning of a race, but it has no purpose in the game. This is to say, actually, that none of the game's races have a purpose because there's no competition and no time limit. You win every single time. So unless you especially like seeing a winning-screen over and over again that reads "You're Winner!", there is absolutely no point in playing Big Rigs.

Racers, start your engines! This big rig race obstacle course will have your heart pumping and engine racing. Two competitors head to the starting line of the Full Throttle. In front of them stands an enormous course of big rig themed obstacles, including: jump through, climbing walls, and slides. Great for all ages. A must for any event.

Be here on Thursday, August 8th for the One on One Street Drags plus Shine n Show Contest. Entry fees are $10.00 with pit passes also $10.00. Grandstand admission is also $10.00. Pits open at 6:00 with practice and grudge racing beginning at 6:30 and racing at 7:30. Come out and see more than 200 competitors in more than a dozen divisions.

A VIP Meet and Greet Party will take place allowing fans the opportunity to attend a Q&A session with the 2003 NASCAR Cup Champion, get up to two items autographed and have a professional picture taken with Kenseth. The VIP Experience will include a custom ticket good for the VIP area and general admission seating, water and soft drinks as well as the autograph and photo opportunities listed above. A limited number of VIP Experience Passes are available for advance purchase at for $108 each.

Coming off a championship season in 2005, it was the first time McMeckan drove away with the NABRR title. It was a slight improvement from his third place finish in 2004 and his assent to the top of the racing circuit has been a gradual climb.

McMeckan holds a day job as a sheet metal worker for Ronaco Industries in Calgary. He got his start in the racing circuit by using his trade to help repair trucks. He had no previous racing experience, but it was not long before the 36-year-old found himself wrapping his fingers around a steering wheel and it has been a high-speed journey ever since.

At one time the Mack R700s featured in the series were pulling duty as working rigs. But after a few modifications, the five-speed Allison Automatic equipped trucks are meant only for one thing, racing. There are specific sets of rules teams follow when modifying their trucks, including a minimum weight of 10,000 lbs. The 6V is the most popular engine on the circuit because of the RPM capability and the ability to modify the horsepower as well, which makes it very well-suited for racing.

As past chairman of the NABRR, Singer knows first-hand the challenge of running a racing series. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, planning and organizing. It is a lot of volunteering and a lot of commitment, says Singer.

Race fans, and families. After twenty-one years of truck racing, this is the last race under the current ownership for Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing. Their last race will be here at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, Washington on August 21st. Get tickets before there gone! Tickets are on sale online at

Last chance to see Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing live and in person, come and enjoy the big horsepower of the Full size, Semi-trucks racing side-by side for the final time on the clay oval of Grays Harbor Raceway!

Packed with horsepower and copious amounts of black billowing smoke, fans are in for a treat as they watch two types of heads-up drag racing this Memorial Day weekend. Big Rig Challenge event promotor Mike Sturgill explained more about the Quebec-style uphill side-by-side Semi Truck drag racing.

The Big Rig Challenge follows a double-elimination format, and Sturgill explained that there will be around 550 to 600 races throughout the weekend. "It's solid racing for al- most three days," he said. "Plus, it's a $100,000 payout divided amongst the top finish- ers."

Have you ever wanted to drive around in a huge 18-wheeler truck? Well, what about racing an 18-wheeler truck against other people? If so, then it sounds like you need to download Big Rig Racing: Drag racing on PC today.

Amass the most awesome truck collection you can. Choose what will be in your collection for yourself, whether it be timeless masterpieces or racing variants. You can upgrade an infinite number of trucks that you purchase. Use the shop or the garage.

Honest fan of CSR 1,2, and classics. But always had some problems with it personally. If you like trucks and CSR you'll like this. But I prefer more realistic physics and some of the less well done games. Like many Diesel drag games, pixel car racer, DragRacingStreets, TorqueDrift, and etc. Where upgrades physically change the cars/trucks and there sounds. Example:Car: doesn't have turbo = no turbo soundCar: adds turbo = has turbo soundCar: upgrades to larger and/or twin setup = louder turbo soundPs semi trucks drag or not twist more then they bounce. (Sorry thats just me being a truck lover)Ive been playing the CSR games since around the time the first one came out and have put at least a few hundred hours between all the games. The only thing I wish is that the creators of this game would release a semi game less polished than this that still stands out but acts more like the games I've described.But even with all that I thank the creators for making a semi drag racing game. Its the only one I've seen on the apple store and I am overjoyed. (why I game it five stars immediately)?Keep up the good workWill definitely be putting more time into this game.

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