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Join Nikke the Goddess of Victory and Fight for the Future of Humanity in this Epic Sci-Fi RPG Shooter

Counter eliminates the Raptures, but as they're celebrating their victory, the particle gun comes online, with Anis and Neon right in its line of fire. The two jump towards each other to try and push the other out of the way, but collide in midair and dizzy themselves. Caught prone in the line of fire, the gun's barrel gleams with blinding light and...proceeds to dim into nothingness, as Exia notes it didn't have enough juice to fire. As Neon helps Anis up, she immediately lets go and Anis falls to the ground again. Neon goes into a rant about little the squad trusts her, even though she's going against her directive as a spy by risking her life on the front with them. The squad watches as Neon storms off, wondering if she's over the whole mistrust thing.

nikke the goddess of victory


They've known it for some time now, and there was only one thing keeping the genocidal robots from making good on their purpose. Chatterbox and Enikk had made a bargain; the latter corrupts Nikkes in the Ark using code the former provides her, giving the Raptures free materials and soldiers. In exchange, Chatterbox will curtail any attempts by the Raptures to stage an all-out assault on the Ark. It was the least unpleasant option in a slew of bad decisions, as Enikk's calculations told her that with current forces, the Ark has literally 0% chance of victory in a straight fight against the Raptures. The AI's first and foremost priority is the preservation of the Ark and the human lives within it.

While the protagonist is parsing this revelation, Enikk continues. While the outcome of her bargain is uncertain with Chatterbox's destruction, she still has hope that the protagonist can find a new way forward. By her testimony, the man has managed to accomplish so much in so little time, defeating Chatterbox and successfully reclaiming a Heretic from the Raptures. She believes he holds the key to victory, and advises him to seek out the other Heretics. The protagonist takes it under advisement, and Enikk adjourns the meeting.

Back at the Outpost, Counter revels in their victory over Syuen, minor as it may be. The mood quickly gets more serious as the squad convenes over how to actually acquire more Vapaus. They decide to contact Snow White, given how she was the one to provide the bullet, but the protagonist can't send her any messages. Rapi theorizes that the Pilgrim is currently in an area with high Alva particle density, making communications impossible. Everyone agrees they should set out and look for Snow White, believing that any time they spend twiddling their thumbs is more time for Syuen to do something nasty.

NIKKE will be available on iOS and Android devices globally later in 2022. For those who wish for a chance to try out NIKKE earlier, head on over to for a chance to join the closed beta test that began recruitment on March 6, 2022.

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