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How To Buy Lipsense UPDATED

I love the ingredients (was free, lead free, gluten free) and skin health properties of lipsense too much to switch. I like to play with layering the shades and how long the bottle lasts. For me I used to keep spend money on trying brands like these and ended not liking them as much,so I just do lipsense now but that's my personal preference. ? Seems like you were very though in your analysis of options.

how to buy lipsense

WOW. I am involved in the makeup community quite a bit and I still haven't heard of lipsense. Unless it's from this one video I've seen. Anyway long wear kiss-proof lipstick is the only kind I wear these days! I have tried a few of these and loved them back in the day, but now I'm a matte kind of girl so I have gravitated to the matte lipsticks. They wreck your lips for sure (dry them out etc) and the formula isn't great like these, but I just prefer the look so much. Wet n Wild had seasonal matte liquid lipsticks for the fall and I am obsessed with them. I also really enjoy the NYX matte lip creams- way less drying but don't last as long as the ones here. Still kiss-proof though ? Which is my main criteria these days lol

I really enjoyed the blog and have shared it with many friends and followed your page Facebook page . I really liked lipsense at first. I bought 3 colors, dawn rising, Bella and Berry and 3 glosses, one of them is gold glitter and oops. For an investment of $145 dollars. The flaking started to bother me and the blotchiness was a problem. I found this blog because I as looking for an alternative to the gloss which I was going through so quickly.

Finally an honest review of this product! I have been curious for a while about the product and I felt like it was kind of pricey for the set, but knowing that you wearing other lip products will effect the wear of lipsense and also I am a lip product junkie ans switch all the time, lipsense would not be cost effective for me! Thanks for saving me future money!

The premier product of Senegence lipsense, LipSense Lip Color , lasts up to 18 hours! It is water-proof, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, and completely budge-proof. It is offered in a variety of captivating colors and can be layered to produce your own custom look. Ask me about the most popular looks! 041b061a72


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