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Facetime Camera Driver Windows 10 !FREE!

Microsoft rolled out the automatic update to the Windows 10 Fall Creators edition (late 2017). Windows has duly proceeded to update itself in Bootcamp, but the camera is no longer recognised. It seems to be a driver issue. However, Windows refuses to install the existing driver for the camera. The message says it's "not intended for this platform".

Facetime Camera Driver Windows 10


I've also tried downloading Apple camera driver update (FaceTime Camera Driver Update), but that simply returns as 'software not intended for this platform' error. I did note that this release is from 2015.

The cables and adapter were not built to stand up to the wear and tear of continual use. This can lead to some major headaches if an error is made while connecting or if the HD camera stops working. When you purchase a new Windows 10 FaceTime driver you will not run into any of these problems.

When nothing fixes Windows 10 camera not working for you, on the last resort, you can uninstall your camera driver, and scan for hardware changes before that do take backup for your camera driver settings.

You do not need to install any driver to use V4K as a generic webcam. V4K uses a UVC (USB Video Class) driver that is available by default in your operating system. V4K, however, does require software in order to work. You may download and install our free software, Visualizer, or any other third-party app that supports UVC cameras. You can find more information about and download our software here:

OBS Studio has certain bugs, but the issue that you are facing related to the camera might be something else completely. There are certain issues that keep occurring upon the Windows machines that are related to the drivers.

Right-click on the Integrated Camera option and hit the Uninstall Device button. It will ask you for a few confirmations, and you will be able to successfully uninstall the camera drivers from your device. 350c69d7ab

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