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Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow Rental Manager does not accommodate submitting maintenance requests online or reporting and accounting. However, landlords can download a free rental income and expense worksheet from Zillow and manually enter transactions for up to 5 properties or units.

zillow rental manager

Download Zip: offers free rental property software. The company also provides premium listings, charges prospective tenants application and screening fees, and collects transaction fees if rent is paid with a debit or credit card.

Zillow Rental Manager may be a good choice for landlords looking for a service to list a rental property, screen tenants, sign a lease, and collect the rent online. In addition to these features, also offers online maintenance requests and cloud-based income and expense tracking.

Zillow Rental Manager does not offer online financial reporting or tax management features. However, landlords may download the free Rental Income and Expense Worksheet from Zillow to manually enter and track income and expenses for up to 5 rental properties or units.

Free rental property management software from Stessa provides powerful tools to investors with single-family rentals (SFRs), small multifamily buildings, short-term vacation properties, and entire rental property portfolios. As of March 2022, more than 100,000 investors already use Stessa to track over 250,000 properties with more than $60 billion in asset value:

Zillow Rental Manager is a virtual real estate company that was founded in the year 2006. It provides a platform for property owners to list a rental on Zillow and its partner sites. The properties are often well-presented using photos, 3D videos, descriptions, location, and price. Some landlords consider it the best rental listing site for those reasons, though there are several alternatives to Zillow with their own unique offerings that garner the attention of both landlords and tenants alike.

Zillow receives an average of 34 million monthly views across its three listing platforms: Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads. Zillow Rental Manager previously offered free listing services, but it has recently implemented listing fees for all properties. As a result, landlords and property owners may be asking if they should continue to list a rental on Zillow. They may also be looking for a better alternative to Zillow Rental Manager. Also Read: Advertise Property For Rent: Landlord Gurus Ultimate GuideWe discuss in this Zillow Rental Manager review the pros and cons of listing a rental on Zillow and how much Zillow Rental Manager costs. While Zillow might be a good solution for some landlords, we believe there are other property management software options that might be better for you.How Much Does Zillow Rental Manager Cost?Zillow Rental Manager has recently changed their pricing fees to list a rental. They appear to have gone back to free listings, with an option to upgrade to a premium listing. You will have the option to upgrade your listing at the time of publishing, or any time your listing is active.

With either option, you will not be charged to manage your off-market properties or to access any of the additional Zillow Rental Manager property management tools such as tenant screening or online rent payments.For premium listings, your listings will not renew automatically, and you can deactivate them at any time. Upgrading to premium is a one-time fee of $29.99 and gives you premium benefits for your listing up to 90 days. You will not be charged for properties in your account that are not actively listed for rent. If you fill your rental or wish to remove your listing, you will not receive a refund.There are additional Zillow Rental Manager costs to consider:

Zillow Rental Manager allows landlords to advertise their properties, post photos, and do tenant screening. With Zillow's Rental Manager tool, tenants can search an extensive database of rentals near them, save listings to their favorites list, sign up for automatic alerts about home recommendations or property updates, and set up notifications to know about home loans and refinancing.

The company also provides a list of pre-qualified potential renters so landlords can make quick decisions about who they want to rent their property. Unlike most online rental applications where landlords are forced to contact all applicants to see if they are interested, with Zillow, you can select qualified people to streamline applications and communication.

Zillow has a robust credit-check integration designed to help you determine if the tenant will be able to pay their rent on time. This integration is not just limited to landlords but also can be used by property managers and other service providers. With Zillow's credit-check feature, you can get a detailed report on potential renters.

Zillow's rental manager software can help you manage your property from anywhere. It's perfect for landlords who are on the go, as it allows you to access your property information from any computer or mobile device. In addition, this platform provides renters with a one-stop shop of all available units in their area, including listings and prices.

Listing your rental on websites like Craigslist,, Padmapper, Zumper and previously, Zillow, has been a free service for landlords and agents. Only in broker-dominated markets, such as New York City, would you see a paywall where a landlord would be charged a fee to list their vacant rental property.

Rental listings also require quite a bit of customer support and service. With online fraud and scammers increasing over the years, Zillow is responsible for security and safety on their platform. To help support these operational costs, charging for rental listings offsets the expenses. This is completely understandable.

Back in 2019, Zillow started to experiment with a paywall for listings. They started in Oregon, then moved to Colorado, and quickly charged nationwide. If you had one rental property, you didn't have to pay anything to list your rental. After your first rental, they would charge $9.99 per week to advertise. And, they cut off all property management softwares from syndicating for free to Zillow. This really hurt landlords and property managers their rentals through software.

Today, Zillow is still the largest player. Most rental inquiries come from their website. And, Zillow also owns Trulia and Hot Pads. You must list your rental through the Zillow Group if you want significant demand from tenants.

Zillow became the #1 rental listing website, because it did not charge for listings and provided a great user experience with trusted data(shut down fraudulent accounts faster than competitors, like Craigslist). Craigslist became a less popular option as it did not provide these two key features that Zillow had.

With Zillow back to a free model through the Basic listings, we believe it will still be a top leader in rental advertising. However, Zillow may risk its #1 position if it does not allow property management softwares to gain access to its Basic listing functionality. If tenants catch on to the fact that many listings are no longer on Zillow, simply because it doesn't sync with property management software for free, then these tenants may head on over to Zumper or some other listing website.

In order to make it easier to advertise on multiple listing websites, Hemlane posts to over 30 rental listing websites with a goal to provide you with the most tenant inquiries. Hemlane offers a 30 day free trial for you to see the results. Rental properties on Hemlane receive an average of 21 qualified leads within the first 15 days, consolidated from all of the top rental listing websites. The other popular place to post your rental property is Facebook Marketplace.

If you find yourself constantly refreshing rental listings on Zillow while clutching your application materials at the ready, you may be one of the many people who are seeking a rental home in 2022. Over the past year, the rental market has become increasingly competitive, with housing in short supply and prices rising an average of 16.4%.

The good news? Zillow has several built-in features that can make the renting experience easier, faster and even cheaper, from searching for that perfect new home to signing the lease. Click on the links below to learn more about specific features, or scroll down for tips on how to increase the chance of landing the perfect rental.

Use the affordability calculator to determine how much of your income you would be comfortable allocating to rent. Keep in mind that utilities and pet fees may be additional charges. Once you know your budget, you can browse rental market trends in areas where you may be interested in living.

Just type in a ZIP code for information on median rent prices, current available rentals and market temperature. Knowledge is power, and knowing the area could help you avoid overpaying for a rental; it can also provide insights into how hot the local rental market is.

Once your filters are on, take advantage of 3D tours and interactive layouts before ever stepping foot inside a property. These tools can be found when clicking into a property listing page. Navigate through the space either by using your finger on a mobile device or your cursor on a desktop. Interactive layouts let you see from which direction the image is taken, to give you a true sense of the space. If the rental works for you, you can schedule a tour or contact the property manager directly through Zillow.

In 2021, 61% of all renters applied for two or more properties. Black and Latinx renters typically submit three applications and are almost twice as likely as white renters to submit five or more applications during their search. With a median rental application fee of $50, the cost and time spent filling out applications can add up quickly.

In addition, Samini and Geragos represented a former Zillow employee in a sexual harassment action against the company, alleging "sexual torture"[67] and "the most heinous acts of sexual harassment imaginable".[68] According to the lawsuit, Zillow's Southern California office represents an "adult frat house where sexual harassment and misconduct are normalized, condoned, and promoted by male managers."[67] Based on the allegations against the company, Samini has called Zillow a "modern day Animal House."[69] On May 5, 2016, Zillow settled the action for an undisclosed amount, without admitting any wrongdoing.[70] 041b061a72

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