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Battlefield 3 Update 1.09 Download ~UPD~

Hey guys i solve the update problem to BF3 update 1.07 for PS3..Many players couldn't update BF3, due in the middle of the download, shows a error mesenge (error 80710723) and the download fails. There's a way to update the game by PC, called Proxy Server, you'll download the update on PC than transfer to PS3, it's simple.I know that many of you just gave up of the game because of this, but here's the sollution! Do the PS3 downloads and updates faster and 100% working!check out this websiteHow to download PS3's files by PC - -fazer-downloads-do-ps3-atraves-do-pc/LINKS:[b]Patch 1.09 -atualizacao-1-09-battlefield-3-ps3-0503/Patch 1.07 -atualizacao-1-07-battlefield-3-ps3-2711-041...Patch 1.06 -atualizacao-1-06-battlefield-3-ps3-0409/Patch 1.05 -update-1-05-bf3-ps3-0406/Patch 1.04 -patch-1-04-bf3/[/b]I just use the proxy server! Besides, the site it's in portuguese, but they have a translator on the right side of the website!

Battlefield 3 Update 1.09 Download

The most pirated Wii game was Super Mario Galaxy 2, with 1.28 million downloads. Mario Sports Mix (1.09 million downloads), Xenoblade Chronicles (950,000 downloads), Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (870,000 downloads) and FIFA 12 (860,000) rounded out the top five most pirated Wii games list.

Okay, I did everything. I got link from log, Downloaded it. Pasted link in the PS3 Proxy Server and added the file through directory. Everything went fine but, It just trying to download through internet and not my PC which is very slow (1.09 Battlefied 3 Update)

Rodrigo Sales :Boa noite amigo. Tenho uma dúvida, já fiz o download da atualização 1.09 umas 3 vezes e toda vez que vai instalar dá o erro 80010038. Já fiz de tudo, até formatei. Outros jogos como Fifa 2013, atualizam de boa. Vc tem alguma ideia do que pode estar ocorrendo? Ah, estou baixando a atualização pelo PC, posto se der certo. Abraço

Titanfall 2 Update 1.09 is now available on PS4. The new update will roll out on Xbox One and PC later today. According to the patch note, the update includes the 4-player co-op mode, a new map, a new Live Fire map, new paid content, improvements, and more. 076b4e4f54

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