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The Librarians - Season 4

Season 4General InformationSeason4Episodes12RunDecember 13, 2017 - February 7, 2018PreviousSeason 3Season 4 is the fourth and final season of The Librarians. It aired during the 2017-2018 television season. Unlike previous seasons, it featured twelve episodes instead of ten. Nicole Noone proves to be the season's Big Bad.

The Librarians - Season 4

Lindy Booth: I think part of the reason why Dean gave me this incredible opportunity to direct an episode this season is because I do look at the big picture. As an actor, I am very technical and very aware of the whole picture and the whole story, not just trying to focus on Cassandra. For me to take that step back and view her objectively was really easy because that was my job, and I love to do my job.

GeekMom: When we spoke last time, Cassandra had chosen the risk of life over the certainty of death. Cassandra seems so much more confident and in control of her power this season. How is that decision from last season impacting her in this season?

During the course of the season, things are going to happen that make her question pretty much everything. One of the big overarching themes this season is the Library and its role in our lives and can we trust the Library. Something happens that throws the Library into question for all of us.

Season four of The Librarians airs Wednesdays at 8 PM ET on TNT, and for the first time during its run has expanded its season from ten episodes to twelve concluding on February 7, 2018.

The odds of a streaming service or other television network picking up The Librarians for another season are unknown, but it stands a better chance than other canceled shows for a few key reasons. The series has been well received by critics and audiences throughout its run, and even the numbers for its lowest viewed episode to date still pulled in 1.25 million viewers. Those aren't amazing numbers, granted, but other networks that fans have suggested pursue the series like Syfy are granting renewals to shows like The Expanse for far less.

Cancellation may be the biggest problem The Librarians faces at the moment, but it's not the only one. Noah Wyle, who played Flynn on the series, just joined a CBS pilot project shortly before the series was canceled. Should that project go to series, his availability to appear on the show will surely decrease. While Wyle is technically a recurring character in The Librarians, he pops up quite a bit. Filming a new season around Wyle and projects he might have could be difficult, but developer of the series John Rogers seems confident Dean Devlin will find a way to bring back the series no matter what:

Unfortunately, TNT is keeping us guessing for now because the network hasn't officially announced whether or not it has renewed The Librarians. I'm not gonna lie; TNT's announcement of the renewal of Major Crimes for a sixth season on Wednesday has me a little worried about The Librarians' fate since the return of both series was announced at the same time in 2015. But The Librarians' ratings have remained fairly consistent from Season 2 to Season 3, according to Screener, which makes me feel more optimistic about its chances of returning.

Rebecca Romijn always has a lot going on, and now is no exception. After you watch her close out this season of The Librarians as the no-nonsense Guardian of the Library, you can catch her turn on the romance opposite her real-life husband Jerry O'Connell in Hallmark Channel's film Love Locks, which premieres on Sunday, Jan. 28 at 9 p.m. ET. And if GSN's body painting competition Skin Wars returns for Season 4, you may see Romijn return as host.

It looks like Christian Kane has a few projects in the works after reprising his role as the kickass and charming Jacob Stone on The Librarians this season. He's been working on a movie called Junkie, which raised some funds on IndieGOGO, as well as its sequel, according to his IMDb page. Kane also stars in a sci-fi movie called Tinker and will lend his voice as Scarecrow in the upcoming animated film Only a Dream.

Fans were excited to see Noah Wyle's presence on The Librarians series expanded this season after he helmed the original film series as Flynn. Wyle is set to star in the indie drama Shot, which is about a couple whose lives are changed forever after a shooting, and Felt, which tells the story of Watergate scandal whistleblower Mark Felt. You can also spot Wyle with his doctor's jacket back on in those Cigna commercials, channeling his ER character, Dr. John Carter, which is really the role you'd like to see him take on again, isn't it?

Parents need to know that The Librarians follows a magical group of librarians entrusted with the world's magical objects. Action-y violence: fistfights, elaborate bombs, and guns all get airtime. Characters are shot and stabbed on-screen and may die, though without visible blood. Battles are choreographed and may be playful but generally are not scary. Scholarship and knowledge are praised; plot points are fantastical and often involve special effects. Main characters include women in strong roles and people of color. Menace is frequent but downplayed by joking quips and miraculous escapes.

Can you follow all the librarians' clues and deductions? Do you think you're supposed to? What about if you watch an episode repeatedly? Does not being able to follow the plot twists detract from your enjoyment of the show?

It is primarily about the kind of librarians who act as guardians to certain artifacts, and who come together to protect the world from evil. Of course, to suit the narrative, the missions they undertake are impossible to be accomplished by anyone in the world, putting them in a unique and valuable position. They encounter fictional characters who are often villainous and wish for the world to be sent back to the dark ages. Moreover, there can only be one true Librarian, as we have seen in the films, otherwise, we are doomed. So it is a battle on all fronts. The series captured a steady fan base early on, especially among those who were already familiar with the films. Critics received it moderately favorably as well, pointing out that some of the content was all rather familiar but the show stood out for being family-friendly and managing to effortlessly mingle silliness with adventure.

While these are the main characters, their presence is enriched by several supporting characters, each of whom has a role to play, when the adventure unfurls. If there is an upcoming season, we expect to see most of the main cast return, and maybe we will get to see some new characters too who might be friends or foes, but will surely make the world-saving ordeal more interesting.

With all that being said, if you are a fan of the movies, you will find the content of the show familiar and comforting. The pace is fast enough and with a lot of last-minute saves, and villains who are campy. Overall, the show gives a vibe of being entertaining and tries to keep things playful, even when the librarians realize that the world hangs in the balance. Hopefully, if there is an upcoming season, the show will continue in a similar manner, and we will get to see more of these crazy adventures, as they search for the most extraordinary artifacts, and come across some very interesting people in the process. 041b061a72

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