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Albert Fomichev
Albert Fomichev

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he was intrigued by the revelations that brought fame to pinnacle studios. a must-see for any music lover, an all-new music discovery service allows anyone to search for music based on their favorite artists, and the music they love. with pinnacle and the music channel, music fans can discover and share their favorite songs and artists, and now they can also find their favorite artists on pinnacle studio 26. using an intuitive interface, it is easy to search for your favorite artist and discover the tracks you love. then, find your favorite artist or genre of music and search for your favorite songs, download, and listen to them offline

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what makes this service special is that it is fully integrated into pinnacle studio, so you can search for your favorite music as you edit. the music channel will search the entire pinnacle studio library for your favorite artists and songs. the search results are displayed on the pinnacle studio main menu. the search results can be easily accessed using the music drop-down menu. the results are displayed as a list of artists and songs, with the artist and song titles, as well as the song and artist information, including artist and song lyrics.

this service is also available for free to pinnacle studio users who have at least $25 in music content stored on their pinnacle studio library. the service is powered by gracenote, the world leader in music recognition. once you have added your favorite artists and songs to your pinnacle studio library, they are immediately available when you want to search for them. no need to delete or remove your music from your library. simply add the artists and songs you want to search for, and they will be available right away.


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