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Mastering System Center Configuration Manager: ...

Many smart people have spent lots of time debating whether computer systems should be application-centered or document-centered. Everyone tends to work one way or the other. If you open the application first and then retrieve the document you want, you are application-centric. If you use your file manager to open the file you want, you are document-centric. Operating system designers do their best to accommodate both styles.

Mastering System Center Configuration Manager: ...

While most systems today heavily leverage graphical user interfaces (GUI), some command line interfaces (CLI) are used by systems administrators in certain areas to configure networks, install software, and access features that aren't available through the GUI itself. Linux has been used for more platforms than any other operating system and forms the foundation for two broad arenas: the Android smartphone OS and as the leading operating system on servers, mainframes, and supercomputers. If your career is going to involve any of these areas, mastering Linux CLI is certainly advantageous. 041b061a72

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