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Midnight Heat

Turn the heat on with the sensuous fragrance of the Beyonce Midnight Heat Eau De Parfum. Created in 2012 with extracts that invoke mystery and passion, Midnight Heat is great for spicing up the evenings. Top notes are delicious, fruity flavors of Star Fruit and Plum which gradually lead to notes of Orchid, Purple Peony and Black Tulips at the heart. The woody base exudes warmth with notes of Sandalwood, Amber and Patchouli, perfect for the woman who knows how to let her hair down after a demanding schedule at work.

Midnight Heat


Since June began, no doubt the 1400-plus new heat records set across the U.S. have impressed. But consider the following: between midnight and 1 a.m. Thursday morning, the temperature in Wichita, Kansas spiked from 81 and 101 degrees. Yes- the temperature ROSE 20 degrees in one hour in the middle of the night, passing the century mark. To the north, across the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest, there were some remarkable - though not nearly as dramatic - temperature declines.

A heat burst is a downdraft of hot and dry air that typically occurs in the evening or overnight hours. . . . Heat bursts usually happen in the evening or at night after thunderstorms are ending. Thus, a thunderstorm has a vital role. Two other characteristics are that the air must start its descent from fairly high up and the environmental air aloft needs to be very dry.

As rain fell into the dry air layer at around 2-3 thousand meters above the surface, it evaporated rapidly. The evaporating rain cooled the air very quickly, and this cool air was now much heavier than the air around it. This heavy, rain cooled air, fell rapidly to the surface, but heated due to compression at the standard adiabatic rate of 10 C per 1000 meters. If it fell 2500 meters, then the temperature of that rain cooled air would have risen 25C!

UPDATE (3:15 p.m.): A little more detail on the heat burst: the Daily Mail reports that the temperature rose 17 degrees in 20 minutes in Wichita (from 85 at 12:22 a.m. to 102 at 12:42 a.m.) as winds gusted to 50-60 mph.

Turn up the heat and experience Vip treatment by spritzing yourself with Midnight Heat from the design house of Beyoncé. Launched in 2012, this sensual fragrance for her opens to a decadent fruity medley of star fruit and Armenian plum that drifts into a floral heart of orchid and black tulips. A robust sandalwood base provides an earthy finish for this wear-everywhere scent that stays with you for hours and hours, whether you wear it to work during the day or out to the club at night.

COVER FEATURE IndianPoetry:Part4 The Fever Bird Vikram Seth Thefever birdsangoutlastnight. I couldnotsleep,try as I might. Mybrain wassplit, myspirit raw. I lookedintothegarden, saw Theshadowoftheamaltas Shakeslightly onthemoonlit grass. Unseen, thebirdcried outitsgrief, Itslunacy, without relief: Three notes repeated closer, higher, Soaring, then sinking downlikefire Onlytobreathe thenight andsoar, Ascrazed, as desperate, asbefore. I shivered inthemidnight heat Andsmelt thesweatthat soakedmysheet. Andnowtonight I hearagain Thecallthat skewers through mybrain, Thecall,thebrain-sick triple noteA boneofpainstuck initsthroat. I amsotired I couldweep. Madbird, for God'ssakeletmesleep. Whydoyoucry likeonepossessed? Whenwillyourest? Whenwillyourest? Why waiteachnight tillallbutI Liesleeping inthehouse,then cry? Whydoyouscream intomyear What nooneelsebutI canhear? Vikram Seth (b 1952) studied and livedforseveral yearseach inIndia,England, the UnitedStates,and China. Winnerofinnumerable nationaland international awards,hisgenre-spanning worksinclude the travelogue FromHeaven Lake,the novel-in-verseTheGolden Gate, the poetrycollections Mappings,TheHumble Administrator's Garden,All YouWhoSleep Tonight, The Poems:1981-1994, andthe nonfiction-memoir TwoLives, among others.Hisworkhas been translatedintomany internationallanguages and widelyanthologized. He lives inNew Delhi and London. Across the treeless street Vikram Seth Across thetreeless street A moist breeze blows. I re-arrange mysheet, Wiggle mycoldtoes, Stare atthesky, andtoss, Insomniac. A train Screams through wideplainsacross Thescent ofdesert rain. I amtootired tonight Tosleep.I lie Companionless. Thewhite Cloudsgutthesky. Orion, Pleiades, Plough, Allsignsandcertainties Arelosttovision now. Thewillowtrees Thatnamethetownaregone. Thefreight-trains go. Theloadedtrucks moveon. Thisisthegreat depot Where nothing stays. Thehours movetowards light. Sleep:inthetall-skied days Youwillforget tonight. z O w> z o Ï 501WorldLiterature Today ... 350c69d7ab

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