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Unreal Engine ? Ivy Foliage Pack 4K V4.21

Going into more details, this pack uses a lot of textures from the HD Valheim and HD Grass by DJAurelius and zJIoDeI. It also uses the stones from the Peanuts 4K Stone Pack, and the foliage from Candymans HD Foliage. Finally, it uses the banners from the Wayside Custom Textures project.

Unreal Engine – Ivy Foliage Pack 4K v4.21

This package includes high-quality maps, grass, flowers, rocks and more. You can easily create your maps and generate all plants with material and procedural foliage volume. All plants support Pivot Painter 2.0. You can change wind strength and angle as dynamically from Material Instance.

An advanced replicated drivable demo is included. Control the doors/boot/hood, wheels, and steering wheel. The gear stick will animate as the car automatically shifts gears. Swap between interior/exterior view, to view a functional odometer + RPM meter. Stationary burnouts, momentum-based tire decals, and sound effects are included, as well as satisfying engine sounds. Particles are provided for the exhaust, burnouts, and decals. The lights are fully set up with channel-packed emissive masks and configured lighting for realistic headlights (night mode), indicators, and brakes. These lights have been tested in different environments and look great out of the box.

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