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Best Way To Buy Broadway Tickets Cheap

Broadway and Off-Broadway have roared back to life in New York. That's the good news; the bad news is that the ever-rising cost of tickets makes it hard to take full advantage of what the city's stages have to offer. But the situation is not as dire as it may seem: Discount Broadway tickets are everywhere, and modern technology makes it easier than ever to find cheap seats, even at the last minute. If you play your cards right, you can even score seats for sold-out hits like Hamilton. Here are the five best ways to get your hands on cheap Broadway tickets.

best way to buy broadway tickets cheap

Great a resource as it is, TKTS has limitations: You have to wait there in person, often for a long time, and you can only get tickets on the day of the show (or the day before a matinee). Thankfully, the Internet provides alternatives. The popular TodayTix app lets you find discounted tickets on your mobile phone up to month in advance; discount deals are listed alongside tickets being sold at regular prices. Another reliable online source for cheap Broadway seats is New York Show Tickets; membership there costs about $5 per month. Good discounts can be also be found at BroadwayBox, TheaterMania, Playbill and GoldStar. Consider visiting all of these options and shopping around for the best bargain. And in January/February and September, you can avail yourself of the two-for-one deals offered through the Broadway Week program. (But remember: The usual online ticketing fees, generally $10 to $15 per ticket, tend to apply when you use these discounts, and that can bite into your savings.)

Of course the best seats in the house are the most expensive, because everyone wants center orchestra tickets. But these are never the cheapest - most Broadway shows are actually charging extra for them, making them much more expensive that a regular orchestra seat.

The best cheap Broadway ticket solution is to choose the seats that are in the transition area (i.e. $110 seats that are sat next to the $250 seats). All that is required is a little bit of study of the seating map; some shows will even show you a map of the pricing breakdown .

Many Broadway tickets have their price reduced through a money saving code offer advance ticket sales. Often these cheap offers can reduce the price of the Broadway ticket to 50% of the original. Our current cheap ticket offers are in our DISCOUNT BROADWAY TICKETS offers page.

The TKTS tickets booth in Times Square offers cheap Broadway tickets that are good for the same day of purchase, though weather, ticket availability and a wait in line are important factors to consider.

Standing Room Only (often known as SRO) is one of the cheapest ways to see a Broadway show, and it can also be fun. Occasionally those who are standing may be sat by the usher in any available seats, but this is rare because, in most cases, Standing Room Only cheap tickets are only available for Broadway shows that are sold out (or close to sold out) of regular seats for that particular performance.

They call them "Partial View" tickets, but most often these cheap Broadway seats are full-view for most of the show, with part of the stage obscured during a handful of scenes. If you don't do your homework, though, you could be sitting behind a pillar.

You can make it a lot cheaper to go to a Broadway show if you go as a large group. The requirement is often around 15-20 people to achieve the cheaper group rate, and they will give you a better deal than the best cheap ticket deal out there currently and then they will make it more cheap by taking off another 10-15%. Obviously to get these cheap Broadway tickets you have to plan a group to come to the same Broadway show, which is never an easy feat.

If you don't mind not knowing if you are going to get into a show or not, you should try the rush and lottery tickets, which many shows offer as a cheap alternative to paying for a full price ticket. You can do a few rush and ticket lotteries on the same day, which increases your chance of coming away with a cheap ticket solution.

If you don't mind hanging out with the blue haired crowd on a Wednesday afternoon, you can accompany grandma to a Wednesday matinee, where theater loving senior citizens can get cheaper tickets and still be in bed before 8PM.

You may think that Broadway tickets get cheaper as it gets closer to the date of the performance. That is not the case, however. Ticket prices through Ticketmaster may rise in fact as it gets closer to the date.

To avoid heartbreak when your favorite show is sold out, you can book tickets in advance on They are known for offering the best prices on broadway tickets with some great discounts available!

Tickets range from $20 to $175 depending on which show you watch. Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera and Kinky Boots are some of the cheapest Broadway shows you can watch whilst Hamilton, Frozen, The Lion King, Aladdin and Wicked are some of the more expensive broadway show tickets to buy.

When you think of Times Square, your imagination conjures up images of shiny, neon lights and vibrant billboards that sparkle with the promise of mesmerizing, theatrical performances (your first thought may not be about how to get cheap Broadway tickets at the last minute),

If you are in NYC already then for half price tickets go to the South Street Sea Port TKTS office at 1823 W. 27th St. No lines! Great prices! If you wNt to see more than one show - you can take you ticket from the first show and go to the Times Square location to the front of the line to get another ticket! It's the best kept secret on Broadway!

Broadway box . Com I found cheapest . I bought two tickets for phantom chose good seats for 90 sterling . Easy as well they email tickets 24 hour later / print and your good to go . Be aware drinks are very expensive 2 Pepsi &20 sterling ( 90 each tickets sorry )

If you were priced out of Broadway's "Hamilton" a few years ago, when resale tickets for Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony-winning phenomenon were going for $1,000-plus, then you may want to give the show a second look. Miranda and the original cast may be long gone, but the musical remains a draw, and was Broadway's third-biggest grosser for the week ended March 27. And, best of all for your wallet, ticket prices have dropped considerably.

As with the other shows covered here, the best place to start your search for online tickets is with the production's official site. At last look, the "Hamilton" site was advising that best ticket availability was for weeknights this April and May. But once you click the "get tickets" button, and are taken to Ticketmaster, you're free to search for dates between now and late October.

If you meet certain requirements, usually your age, you can get memberships to individual theaters. With these memberships you get cheap tickets to all the shows at that theater. The sooner you buy these tickets, the better. You have a greater chance of getting closer seating and the tickets not selling out if you order tickets as they go on sale.

If you are a resident of NYC you can apply for a free ID NYC card. This card is seriously the best thing ever. Within the coming weeks I will be writing a full post about the wonders of this card. One of the benefits is discounts at a few theaters and performance centers in the city. For example with the card you receive 20% off tickets to evening productions at the New Victory Theater on 42nd street.

With CheapTickets Events there is no need to break the bank when buying Broadway tickets. From the orchestra to the mezzanine, there are tickets that fit every budget! Our wide selection of tickets are some of the cheapest on the market!

Standing room only (SRO) tickets are what they sound like: for a much cheaper price than an orchestra seat, you can stand in the back of the theatre and watch the show. This is actually much more comfortable than it sounds, most theaters have a padded bar to lean on, and the view is pretty great. Even better, you can avoid the long lines by being first in line for the bathroom at intermission. Standing room only tickets are only sold at the box office if a performance is entirely sold out, so it can be worth calling the theater to ask if they are available before you make the trek into Times Square.

If you visit New York City, seeing a Broadway show is a non-negotiable, must-do. But, Broadway shows can be expensive, with many tickets in the $150-$300 range. Here are four ways to get cheap Broadway tickets and see a show for less.

Theaters will often sell their leftover tickets for crazy low prices (like $10-$40) the day of a show. Your best bet to get rush tickets is to go to the box office right at opening. Some theaters will have lines at opening, so plan to get there early/stand in line for your best chance to secure a day of rush tickets.

Can I buy my tickets from somewhere other than the official ticketing partner?For the best seats and to eliminate the risk of fraud, we recommend you purchase tickets only through our official ticketing system or through our partner Purchasing tickets from any other seller runs a high risk of receiving fraudulent tickets.

The get-in cost, or cheapest cost for a ticket to watch Mean Girls, is around 100$. Costs will fluctuate based on several things like demand and inventory, so make sure you receive your discount Mean Ladies tickets until it is too late!

2. Check StubHub. StubHub works like eBay (which owns StubHub) -- sellers list their tickets, and you can buy the tickets using the online platform. The key is to make sure the tickets aren't fake, and that you get them on time. StubHub has very strong customer service and consumer protections in place, which is partly why they are the market leader. In addition, StubHub is sometimes cheaper than Ticketmaster resale, since Ticketmaster resale puts limits on how low the price can go relative to the face value of the ticket. 041b061a72

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