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JMatPro v6 2 1 FULL 19: A Comprehensive Guide to Materials Modeling and Simulation

jmatpro short for java matlab professional. it takes a couple of steps to install. this program is free to use for academic purposes. in this program, you have the power to set the initial parameters for the solution from several aspects, including the manufacturing technology process, matrix size, filler size, and so on. once all values have been set, the results are generated automatically. but, in other words, it is a calculation simulation system for structural science.

JMatPro v6 2 1 FULL 19

jmatpro v6 can be used for all solidification processes, including solidification in systems of synthetic and natural crystals, solidification of homogeneous and non-homogeneous materials, and solidification of materials under dynamic loads, such as freezing, melting, plastic deformation, and dynamic-compressional deformation. the initial parameters of all constitutive variables in jmatpro can be exported and imported by excel. with jmatpro, you can determine the physical properties of alloys, such as physical and mechanical properties, the temperatures of phase transformations, and the deformation behavior of alloys, such as elastic modulus, yield stress, yield stress after deformation and strain hardening behavior.

simple and intuitive user interface (gui) layout that enables easy learning of the operation. easy editing and modification of the initial parameters for modeling. easy and convenient data conversion between other software and excel. support for multi-threading. inbuilt function for crash recovery, so that if the program is cancelled due to a force exit, the last executed program can still be restarted. can be saved by application, making it possible to restore the settings for the next use.

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