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Dragon Age Inquisition Outfit

Characters from Dragon Age are known to have a lot of opinions, even in matter of clothes. The fantasy series puts a lot of effort into its lore and fantastical nations. In that regard, they gave various nations and characters different fashion senses. Their lore books are rich with various outfit designs and ideas.

dragon age inquisition outfit

Warden armor did not become cool until after Origins, which is pretty ironic since you no longer get to play as a warden in Dragon Age 2 or Inquisition. However, Bioware still lets you wear warden armor if you can find it in those games. In the second game, you get a warden outfit for completed the Legacy DLC. In Inquisition, different classes of warden armor can be looted around the world.

Have you ever wanted to dress up two of the most treacherous Dragon Age: Inquisition companions as Christmas dorks? Well, now you can! A modder has made Christmas-themed outfits for Blackwall and Solas, turning them into Santa Claus and his little elven helper. That's right, you can now dress up a literal God and potential big bad of the future Dragon Age games as a merry red and green-clad lad. It's what he deserves.

Thankfully, BioWare has now confirmed that they soon plan to give players access to additional Skyhold outfits in an upcoming free content update. Speaking to GameSpot, Dragon Age: Inquisition creative director Mike Laidlaw revealed the next major patch for the title will give users the option of choosing between a dozen different outfits to select their new Skyhold look.


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